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With varying term-length contracts available, Eight Fortune Property Agency specializes in the rental market in Hong Kong. Contact us for our extensive database of available properties. We’re here to help you find your perfect match.

Property Preparation

Our agent walks you through inspection of the property that you plan to rent out and ensure your requirements are fulfilled before we step inside the apartment.


When your property is listed with Eight Fortune, we ensure to advertise your property by putting forth the most effort on the platform that yield the most results.

Eight Fortune Property Agency # buy property # rent property
Eight Fortune Property Agency # buy property # rent property

Guide To Rental Property

We walk you through every step involving renting a property in Hong Kong. Our agent ensures that they provide the service from their experience, creating a draft of possible expenses that will leave you with no surprises. We promise!

Rental Management

We don’t only assist you in renting a property, however, we believe in covering all aspects ranging from small repairs, replacing appliances and regular maintenance. These are add-on services leaving you with full peace of mind.

Move-out Inspections

Eight Fortune believes in a long term relationship. If you direct us, we will be more than happy to assist in move-out inspections ensuring there’s no damage beyond normal wear-and-tear.

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